September 09, 2006

Just say "Yes"

Bruce Flegg just couldn't bring himself to say it. "Yes, I take responsibility for the poor performance of the Liberal Party." He was questioned relentlessly about it by the press corp and his standard answer was "That's for others to judge." There is no harm in taking responsibility, even if you're not totally to blame. Premier Pete does it all the time, and look where he is now.

Probably the biggest contributor to Flegg's poor performance was an inability to give a straight answer.

The second biggest contributor was a tendency to blame the press. He did both tonight as he segued from refusing to directly accept responsibilty, to saying that he had been frustrated by the press refusing to cover the issues that were important. They did to some extent, but better not to complain about it. By now, the Liberals should have had a strategy to deal with it.

Despite a mediocre performance Flegg is safe as leader. When they lost the seat of Chatsworth, the Liberal Party lost the only viable alternative to Flegg in the next term of parliament - Michael Caltabiano. At least that should guarantee unity in the parliamentary Liberals.

Posted by Graham at September 9, 2006 09:22 PM

Did the coallition try to loose this election? If history repeats itself- there will be no change at the Federal level if the opposition are in government at the state level. So would Mr Howard really want to see Liberal/National in at the state level?

Well - if you want to fail:

change the leader at the last moment and give him the driver’s seat.

refuse to exchange preferences with the independents

make sure the guys of have a profile (ie. the National party leader) keeps his head down.

reinforce the image that the liberal party are controlled by the federal libs any way.

Yes it’s cynical but facts speaker louder than words.

Posted by: olga at September 9, 2006 11:42 PM
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