September 08, 2006

The virtual campaign and today's poll

Over at Online Opinion, Stephen Dann reviews the parties' campaign websites and finds them wanting.

In other election news, the latest Galaxy Poll shows Labor's primary lifting to 48%, while Peter Beattie and Labor leakers downplay the ALP's chances. The trouble with the polling leaked by Labor is that it focusses on the Sunshine Coast seats of Noosa, Kawana and Caloundra (held by Liberal Deputy Mark McArdle - but on a 1.3% margin). It's been clear from the start of the campaign that the Sunshine Coast was the one area in South East Queensland where Team Beattie had real problems.

The Australian reports on lengthening Centrebet odds for an ALP gain of seats, and The Poll Bludger reviews the campaign's final week.

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Posted by Mark_Bahnisch at September 8, 2006 11:20 AM

After reading stories about Beattie claimiing it was going to be tuff to win a fourth term and they were underdogs. I found it very interesting on Saturday when I spoke to my friendly Aus Post contractor to find Beattie had arranged 'Thank You for giving me a 4th Term letter', delivered to Aus Post on Thursday 7th Sept. to go out Monday 11th Sept.
If this is true it is another sign of his absolute arrogence and contempt for the QLD voter.
Especially after his letter at the start of the campaign.

Posted by: Shane Moon at September 10, 2006 06:53 PM
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